How Can I Change a Child Support Order?


While you may have believed that after your divorce was finalized or the judge ordered the original child support order that you would be free from legal woes, it doesn’t often work out that way. When the issue of child support is involved, a case will often require continual updates and changes as each parent progresses in life. Unique needs, relationship changes, and other events may require additional or reduced support, depending on the situation. When these issues crop up, knowing how to request a child support modification is important. Whether you are the paying or receiving parent, understanding your legal rights is very crucial.

Demonstrating a Change in Circumstances

First, before either parent can request some type of modification, they must be able to demonstrate that a valid change in circumstances occurred since the previous child support order was created.

Some common examples of why you should opt to change a child support order include:

  • The child’s medical needs increased
  • Either parent lost their job or was given a promotion
  • Child custody or visitation was adjusted
  • Either parent was put in jail
  • The child’s educational or general care needs increased
  • One or both parents’ income has changed
  • Either parent remarried or had another child

In cases where both parents can reach an agreement together over a new amount, they can write this up and submit it to the judge for review and approval. However, if disagreements occur, one of the parent’s will need to file a motion with the court to ask for a modification, leaving it up to the judge.

In unique circumstances where the judge ordered the child support amount to be below the guideline level, you can ask for a modification of that amount at any time. This means you do not need to be able to demonstrate any change in circumstances occured.

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