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Choosing to file for a divorce is a life-changing commitment that requires careful thought and planning to go about it properly. Enlisting the help of an experienced divorce attorney is vital if you wish to ensure your rights are being protected throughout the course of your divorce. I, Attorney Steven G. Wright, am committed to doing whatever I can to help my clients navigate through the rough and challenging waters of divorce.

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Some couples reach a point in their lives where separation is not only inevitable, but also the only solution left. Regardless of how amicable or how contentious a separation may be, divorce can still be one of the most overwhelming and emotional legal processes a person can endure. For this reason, you must take the appropriate measures and speak with a compassionate divorce lawyer in Rhode Island who truly understands what is needed to protect your interests moving forward.

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Having served the needs and rights of countless individuals and families in Rhode Island, I understand that you deserve the utmost respect and confidence. I uphold the highest possible standards of ethics and discretion and honor the integrity of your family's dynamic. Though I strive to keep your matters out of the public eye, I can still be trusted to litigate your case in court professionally if needed.

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Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

There are two types of divorces that couples can go through: contested or uncontested. Though the end goal is the same the route is quite different. Learn more about the two types below!

An uncontested divorce is when both spouses are in agreement that they are willing to work with one another to reach a fairly compromised settlement. Those who choose to file for a divorce by these means are often saving themselves both time and money because they can avoid court. When couples have children they want to protect from the pains of the divorce, many will often choose this route to work out an arrangement that keeps the children's needs a priority. Mediation is a common way to reach a settlement out of court and allows for the parents to talk through the settlement in detail, as well as reach a successful compromise.

In the event that the mediation process is not an option or was unsuccessful, contested divorce is the next option for those couples who choose to file for divorce. A contested divorce means that the couple was unwilling or unable to reach a compromise for their divorce terms and is therefore turning to the courtroom for the final decision. If a spouse was hesitant to hire a divorce lawyer to help begin the divorce proceedings, having one for the litigation portion is an absolute must. Contested divorces can be extremely complicated and lengthy and having an experienced litigator on your side to fight for your rights is of great importance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in RI

What is the residency requirement for divorce in Rhode Island?   
In order to file for divorce in Rhode Island, one spouse must have been a Rhode Island resident for 1 consecutive year before filing for divorce. The divorce will need to be filed in the county in which the spouse resides.

Are there grounds for divorce?   
The state of Rhode Island recognizes both at-fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. Among these may include: irreconcilable differences causing a breakdown in the marriage; adultery; impotency; willful desertion for 5 years; addiction to drugs or alcohol; neglect, abuse, or cruelty; or any other gross misbehavior that violated the marital covenant, as validated by the courts.

What about the children?   
Divorce is notoriously contentious due to many disagreements and conflicts between former spouses regarding their children. Without a doubt, your children are among the most precious and invaluable things that belong to you. It will be in your best interest to work with a professional who can help guide you with unbiased and professional counsel as you make decisions regarding custody or visitation rights.

It is important to mention that family courts will always act in accordance to what is believed to be in the child's best interests. Only with a skilled legal representative can you have the information needed to prove to a judge what is in your child's best interests.

What is mediation?   
Mediation refers to the legal process of reaching a mutually agreeable decision with the help of a neutral third party. The courts encourage separating couples to engage in mediation to reach fair resolutions. Mediation is both voluntary and informal, allowing both couples to air grievances while reaching a legally binding decision regarding all aspects of their divorce. If a couple cannot reach an agreement, however, the courts will intervene and enforce final decisions on behalf of the couple.

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If you have more questions or if the above mentioned set of questions has shed light on an aspect of your divorce, I would be happy to follow-up with you and discuss your concerns. To speak with me confidentially regarding your specific matter, I encourage you to reach out to me via phone, or if you prefer, by filling out your free case consultation form.

When going through divorce, you need an experienced, passionate, and understanding legal advocate by your side. I dedicate 100% of my efforts and attention to each case I take on in order to obtain the most favorable end result possible.

I never forget that couples and families who have endured the process of separation are deserving of total emotional health and recovery following a divorce. By going through a divorce as amicably as possible, you and your family can make great decisions and embrace a new chapter of life.

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