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It's no surprise that divorce tactics have changed over the years. With each new transformation, couples have no doubt found that the process has become smoother and more manageable, particularly with the introduction of divorce mediation. Mediation is a way for couples to skip convoluted litigation and work out the details of a divorce on their own terms.

As a Providence divorce attorney and the founder of Steven G. Wright, Attorney at Law, I have witnessed hundreds of clients struggle through their divorce. I believe that it shouldn't have to be this way and am proud to offer skilled mediation services that truly make a difference. Having received the Client Satisfaction Award by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys™, I know that I am the right fit for your meditation needs.

Why is divorce mediation beneficial?

Anyone who's been through a traditional divorce will tell you that it can drag out for months and isn't always easy on the wallet. Divorce mediation puts the control back in the hands of each spouse, allowing them to make their own terms and conditions.

Some key advantages of divorce mediation include:

  • A settlement of every issue is almost always achieved
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Much easier on any children who are involved
  • Allows for open communication between spouses
  • Reduces the level of tension often found in courtrooms

Divorce mediation allows each spouse to be represented by their own attorney, with one mediator acting as the official go-between. A series of meetings is conducted whereby the major issues of a divorce are settled, including custody, spousal support, and marital property. Although every mediation process is different, most are resolved much quicker than courtroom divorces.

I understand the deeply personal nature of divorces. I can provide compassionate counsel while ensuring that your rights are protected from beginning to end. 

If you're interested in hearing more about how I can help you, contact my firm today. My services as a Rhode Island divorce attorney could make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What is divorce mediation and how does it work in Providence, RI?

Divorce mediation in Providence, RI, is a process where couples can negotiate the terms of their divorce outside of court. It involves both spouses, each represented by their own attorney, and a neutral mediator who facilitates discussions. The goal is to settle major issues such as child custody, spousal support, and property division through a series of meetings. This approach is typically faster and more cost-effective than traditional courtroom divorces, and it allows couples to reach agreements on their own terms with a higher level of confidentiality.

What are the main benefits of choosing divorce mediation over traditional divorce proceedings?

The main benefits of opting for divorce mediation over traditional divorce proceedings include a higher likelihood of settling all issues, maintaining a high level of confidentiality, being less stressful for any children involved, fostering open communication between spouses, and reducing the tension often associated with courtroom settings. Divorce mediation in Providence, RI, puts control back into the hands of the spouses, allowing them to work out the terms of their divorce in a more amicable and private environment.

How can Steven G. Wright, Attorney at Law, assist with my divorce mediation in Providence?

Steven G. Wright, Attorney at Law, offers skilled mediation services in Providence, RI, with a focus on compassionate counsel and protecting clients' rights throughout the divorce process. With extensive experience in family law and a commitment to client satisfaction, Steven G. Wright can guide you through the mediation process, ensuring that your interests are represented and that the outcome of your divorce is fair and equitable.