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If you and your spouse are arguing about every little detail relating to your divorce, you may not be able to participate in a nominal divorce. Instead, it may be beneficial for you and your spouse to obtain lawyers and take your case to court to ensure your divorce is resolved as fairly as possible. At Steven G. Wright, I, Attorney Wright, have helped numerous individuals throughout their contested divorce proceedings. It is my goal to safeguard your and your children's rights and to guarantee you do not end up paying unfair amounts of support or have a one-sided custody agreement. Do not hesitate to ask for legal assistance and representation—it is vital for the outcome of your case to have a dedicated, aggressive Providence divorce lawyer on your side during this trying time.

What needs to be resolved in a contested divorce?

There are many situations and items that must be considered and agreed upon while proceeding with a divorce.

Such things and situations can include:

Property and debt division tends to be an incredibly sensitive topic in contested divorces. It is my goal to analyze all marital and individual property, determine if any assets are hidden, and establish the property value of all property to ensure the assets are divided fairly. If you and your spouse are arguing about child custody and who should become the custodial parent, I can help determine what is best for your child, as well as help determine visitation rights if you are the non-custodial parent to ensure you can maintain a relationship with your child.

Do not face your divorce alone!

Deciding to divorce your spouse can provoke various emotions, but you don't have to go through this difficult process alone. Ensure your best interests, as well as your child's wellbeing, is protected during this trying time by calling on a Providence family law attorney. I offer free case evaluations and can help establish the best strategy to resolve your divorce case in the fastest, most affordable manner. 

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