Providence Divorce Modifications Lawyer

Modify Your Support and Child Custody Arrangements

I, Attorney Steven G. Wright, understand that circumstances change. If you find yourself needing to modify your current support and / or child custody arrangement, I can be of assistance. I have years of divorce experience and have helped a plethora of Rhode Island residents modify their orders. Attempting to modify an order without the assistance of a Providence divorce attorney can be challenging, as there are many specific rules to follow. If you complete the modification process incorrectly, your modification may not be valid in a court of law. To ensure your modification is done correctly and quickly, please call upon me, a divorce attorney in Providence that you can trust.

Why modify a divorce order?

While a couple may reach an agreement regarding support and custody during their divorce, situations can change as time progresses. Regarding child custody modifications, you may wish to seek a modification with your order if a life-changing circumstance occurs.

Said changes may include any of the following:

  • Remarriage
  • Disability
  • Child's Age
  • Loss of Job / Income
  • Parental Relocation
  • Increased Income
  • Additional Dependent Children

You may also be permitted to change your child support order if your circumstances change, as well. The court takes various items into consideration prior to determining the final amount of child custody.

Factors relating to the final outcome of the child support amount include:

  • Your child's educational needs
  • Standard of living your child would have if you and your ex-spouse didn't divorce
  • Custodial parent's financial resources
  • Child's financial resources
  • Noncustodial parent's financial resources
  • Child's physical and emotional wellbeing

If you or your ex-spouse is paying alimony and your or their circumstances change, I can assist with alimony modification orders. I can review your current order and determine if your or their situation requires an alimony modification.

Don't wait any longer—call my firm today!

The longer you wait, the longer you or your child may have to go without the proper financial support. It is vital you speak with a Providence family law attorney as soon as possible regarding your support or custody agreement. Free consultations are available, so call me today to learn how I can help you!