Prenuptials & Postnuptial Agreements

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Protecting Your Property & Assets in the Event of a Divorce

While some individuals may say asking for a prenuptial agreement before getting married is unromantic or wrong, others often consider it as a form of insurance for a rainy day. By choosing to have a prenuptial agreement drafted before you say "I do," you are allowing yourself the freedom of enjoying your marriage without stressing that your spouse will squander all of your assets the moment the relationship ends. This is not to say that once you obtain a prenuptial agreement that you and your spouse have to get a divorce eventually, it will just give you the peace of mind knowing that if it happened your assets are protected. The same goes for a postnuptial agreement, though this is done once you and your spouse are already married.

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What does a nuptial agreement accomplish?

Most people don't plan for a divorce when they says their vows at the altar. Statistics, however, show that almost half of all marriages end in divorce in America at some point in the couple's life. That being said, a nuptial agreement can be drafted as a means of precaution in the event of a future divorce. There are a number of benefits to this agreement including:

  • Easing the process of a divorce in the event that it occurs down the road
  • All financial matters are clarified before there is a bias or tension has formed in the relationship
  • It will protect a spouse from being responsible for the others debt
  • It can protect property or assets that the spouse possess prior to their union

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If you are considering a nuptial agreement of any sort, be sure to enlist the help of an experienced Rhode Island divorce and family lawyer who can guide you through the process. When drafting important contracts such as this, you want to ensure they are done accurately in order to fully protect your assets. 

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