Enforcement of Orders

Enforcing Divorce Orders in Providence

Ex-spouse ignoring your order? Call a Providence divorce lawyer!

After you and your spouse reach a final divorce agreement and sign the official divorce decree, both parties are legally bound to follow all conditions set in said decree. If you or your ex-spouse ever ignore or fail to follow the specific conditions, you or they may be found in contempt of court. In the event you need a divorce order modification, you can petition for one with the court and have your current order legally modified. A verbal or written modification between ex-spouses will not hold up in court—a legal modification must be made.

Unfortunately, many individuals experience problems with their ex-spouses following their divorce orders due to feelings of resentment or betrayal. If you are experiencing problems with your ex-spouse minding the rules set forth by your divorce order, you have the legal right to obtain a Providence divorce lawyer for assistance. I, Attorney Steven G. Wright, have extensive experience enforcing divorce orders and can help you successfully ensure your divorce order is followed by you and your ex-spouse.

If your ex-spouse is refusing to do any of the following, seek my assistance immediately:

Do not wait until the situation worsens— contact my firm as soon as possible to obtain the assistance you deserve.

The Process of Enforcing Orders in Rhode Island

When you seek legal experience, I can help you file a contempt motion with the court. It is my job to ensure your ex-spouse has been served the motion and receives notice of the hearing time and date. In the contempt of court motion, I will indicate the specific part of your divorce order that is being violated and how. It is vital you have as much proof as possible of said violation, or the court may not consider your contempt valid.

Once you have your hearing and the court hears both sides of you and your ex-spouse's arguments, it is the judge's job to determine if your claim is sufficient enough to prove your ex-spouse is in contempt of court. If the judge determines such, they will compile a written order describing the contempt order and how it must be resolved. Your ex-spouse is then given a specific amount of time to fix said problem.

Obtain the Legal Assistance You Deserve

You and your child do not have to suffer if your ex-spouse is refusing to acknowledge and follow a divorce order—you can obtain legal assistance and fight to ensure you and your child's rights, as well as wellbeing, are protected. I have the experience you need to ensure your enforcement of order case goes as smoothly as possible. It is my job to protect you and your child from your ex-spouse's actions.

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