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Determining child custody is one of the many aspects of going through a divorce when you have children under the age of 18. Not only are you concerned with matters such as the division of your property and how to allocate the debt you have accrued, your primary concern is spending time with your child. In most cases, unless there is a call for concern and the safety of your children from domestic abuse, having the presence of both parents is an important aspect of life for the child.

If parents are able to file for an uncontested divorce, it will allow for them to work through the custody arrangement in a way that is suitable for both parties with the children's best interest in mind. However, in the event the divorce goes to court, the judge will determine what is best for the child. Unless there are extenuating circumstances-such as an abusive parent-it is seen by the court as "best" for the child to have the involvement of both parents in their life as much as possible.

Understanding Different Child Custody Arrangements

When filing for a divorce, there are a few different types of child custody that may be determined by the court.

  • Legal Custody: This is the legal right of either one or both parents to make important life decisions for the child including medical treatments, education, and religion. In the event that both parents both have joint legal custody, they will equally have the right to make decisions, and they are required to consult one another prior to acting.
  • Physical Custody: This deals with only the physical location of the child and not legal decisions. One parent may have sole physical custody and the other parent has visitation rights. In some cases both parents will share joint physical custody and the child will spend time in both homes on a schedule agreed upon by the court or settlement.

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