Child Support

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Understanding Child Support Laws in Rhode Island

Child support stems from a divorce ending in the custody of the child to one parent. If this is the case, the non-custodial parent will be required to help support the other parent raise the child by way of child support. The court will determine just how much the non-custodial parent must pay the other parent in order to support the upbringing of their child. It is important to realize that just because you have been listed as the custodial parent, you may not be guaranteed child support.

A number of factors must be considered when determining if child support is an option:

  • Has the legal paternity been established with the parent?
  • Are the whereabouts (living address, work contact information, etc.) of the parent known?
  • You must go to court to have a child support order issued

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Will I need to pay support if we have joint custody?

A common question that may arise for parents is whether or not they will need to pay child support if custody is shared between parents. In this situation, there may be a court agreement that one parent may still need to financially support the other after the divorce. This is seen in situations where one parent's income is significantly less than the other and in order to share custody and pay for the child's necessities support is required.

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Though obtaining child support may not be an easy feat for every individual, by enlisting the help of a skilled Providence family law attorney, your ability to fight for support is greatly increased. I, Steven G. Wright, Esq., am committed to helping families receive the support they deserve from non-custodial parents. 

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