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Advocating for Your Parental Visitation in Providence

Perhaps you and your spouse filed for a divorce some time ago, whether it be six months or years. Whatever the case may have been, the divorce occurred and your spouse was granted custody over your children while you only received rights for visitation. Though you are grateful to spend any time with your children, you feel that you deserve to be more involved in the lives of your kids. They are growing fast and after they reach adulthood, you may see them much less frequently.

Regardless of what your ex-spouse may feel, you are convinced that it is in the best interest of the children for you to play a greater role in their upbringing, even if it means two visits a week instead of just one. I, Steven G. Wright, Esq., will do whatever I can to help protect your rights and fight for your ability to spend more time with your children when you hire my firm.

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Resolving Visitation Disputes in Rhode Island

It is not uncommon that spouses who had high tensions during their marriage still remain bitter after the divorce is final. Some spouses may even take it as far as depriving the other spouse of time for visitation even though it was granted to them by the court. Whether you and your spouse simply are unable to find the right times to meet, or they are avoiding letting you visit your own children, be sure to seek the counsel of an attorney who can help you.

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Being a parent is a gift unlike any other. When your rights to live out your love for your children are deprived, it can be heartbreaking for both you and the children who don't see you enough. I will take the necessary steps to help you fight for more time with your children. What is in their best interest is of great importance, and often times that means having both parents in their lives as much as possible. 

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