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Marriage creates a whole new world of concerns, even before the union is officiated. Owning property with another person, raising children, and other responsibilities become shared experiences. Before, during, and after marriage, spouses will see their fair share of obstacles. As a family law attorney serving Providence and throughout Rhode Island, I use my legal skills and experience to help people overcome these obstacles.

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Why Trust Steven G. Wright for Your Family Law Needs?

The right attorney makes all the difference in a family law matter. I, Steven G. Wright, Esq., have helped countless individuals in Providence and throughout Rhode Island find solutions to all kinds of troubles. No family law case is too complex or too simple for my firm to handle.

I honor my clients with exceptional legal services:

  • The client’s best interests always come first
  • Relentless pursuit of fair division of assets
  • Fighting to protect the best interests of children
  • Advocating for fair child support and alimony
  • Pursuing fair divorce settlements through mediation
  • Defending clients in court whenever necessary

Providence Divorce Attorney: Litigation & Mediation Expertise

Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce or preparing to engage in one, a skilled divorce lawyer may be the difference between a fair settlement and a tempestuous court battle. Many divorces begin as an uncontested proceeding, but these can quickly turn into lengthy court battles. As an experienced divorce attorney, it is my main priority to ensure that my clients in Providence and throughout Rhode Island are prepared for the unexpected.

My firm handles family law matters of all shapes and sizes:

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You don’t have to wait get the dedicated legal counsel you deserve. I have been honored by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys with the Top 10 Ranking Family Lawyers in 2014, and the Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. Schedule a free consultation and discuss your situation with a skilled family lawyer in Providence. My firm serves you in Barrington, Cranston, Providence, Warwick, and throughout Rhode Island!