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How Can I Change a Child Support Order?

While you may have believed that after your divorce was finalized or the judge ordered the original child support order that you would be free from legal woes, it doesn’t often work out that ...
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Marital Property & Equitable Division

Wondering what will happen to your property in the event of a divorce? Concerned that you will lose out on valuable assets? The more you understand about property division, the better you can navigate ...
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How is Spousal Support Determined in Rhode Island?

A marriage filled with conflict often makes divorce a very appealing option. So much so that there are rarely any significant disadvantages to filing. For many spouses, however, the thought of living ...
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Fathers' Rights

With today's modern families, many women are in the workforce and not only are there a large number of dual-income households where both parents work equally, we have seen an emerging trend of ...
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